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June 15, 2013
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150+ Lazymon Challenge by SalamencePaint 150+ Lazymon Challenge by SalamencePaint
Although it's titled, "Lazymon," these were not done lazily at all, I put quite some effort (besides into some ones I hate)
They just don't all look the greatest because I drew it free hand with a mouse on MS Paint using the hand I don't draw with!
That's the challenge part of it! You know how hard and frustrating dat is? You try it! :)
A.K.A. "150, and MANY More to See Challenge" -Jan 25, 2013 to June 14, 2013
What the challenge was:
I have to draw all the pokemon... with MY OPPOSITE DRAWING HAND!
That's right, every single one was drawn with my undominant hand, I am left handed and I did them with my right hand!
That's why this project is called a Pokemon CHALLENGE!

I made it up myself, since I always was forced to use my right hand on the computer, even though I am left-handed
Split up times: (NONE are exactly accurate except Kanto)
Kanto: Jan 25- Jan 28
Jhoto: Jan 29- Feb 1
Hoenn: Feb 14- Feb 28
Sinnoh: March 2- March 25
Unova: April 5- June 14 (took a 1 1/2 month break)
Yes, I will be adding Kalos once all Pokemon are released.
Extra info:
:bulletblack: Took 76 hours (very close to exact estimate, about 6-9 mins per Pokemon)
:bulletblack: Done in MS Paint
:bulletblack: Used right hand ONLY
:bulletblack: 85% of all these were drawn in original poses!
:bulletblack: It was very frustrating because my computer kept freezing real bad some days
:bulletblack: As you can see, it started to get very slanty, so as of row 22, I added a line at the bottom, so it would stay straighter.
To keep me motivated, I thought to myself: If you are a true Pokemon fan, you can and will finish this!
And, I just thought of how accomplished I will feel once it's finally done. Pokemon means the world to me.
Also, I listened to very upbeat and fast techno/ trance/ bubblegum pop music to keep me inspired
I sped up the songs using my DS, so it was very fast-paced. Made me work very fast towards the end! (Got the final 56 done yesterday)
Dumb Links: - Showing proof I used my right hand (Please mute it, I just put music so you couldn't hear the audio in the BG) - Random in-process recording (Which also shows proof how slow my computer is)
[no link] - Showing how stupid my computer is

P.S. Don't forget to look for your favorite Pokemon!
Ask any questions! ._.

Once in a while you will notice I added funny little things to make it more interesting, like the Pokemon reacting with nearby Pokemon!
Ex: Lickitung's disgusted face upon tasting Koffing's nasty smog xD
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